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Press Releases

Now You Can Speak at Your Own Funeral

New service allows family members to speak to loved ones from beyond the grave.

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PLEASANT GROVE, Utah — Few people are allowed to have the last word after death, but an emerging business aims to ensure nobody is left without a voice in the afterlife.

Utah Business Gives A Voice To The Dead Through Funeral Videos - KSL News


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Company Bios

Ray's been an insurance association executive for nearly 40 years.


But he's also climbed Mt. Whitney, McKinley, Kilimanjaro, the Matterhorn, Aconcagua & Mt. Elbrus in Russia just to name a few.


He was Rick's high school film teacher and taught him the profession. Rick likes to think he taught Ray how to climb mountains - or at least put the idea in his head.

Rick Porter

Rick Porter CEO / Founder

Started as a film cameraman at 16, having since acquired 40 years' experience in every aspect of media production for fortune 500 and agency clients.

He's also been a Special Forces infantry officer, a firefighter/emt, walked around the Great Salt Lake and taken a team of disabled climbers to the highest point in every state.

He's started several companies including Visual Ventures, Visualegacy and "Speak at Your Own Funeral".


Natalie Porter CFO / Founder

Natalie is the heart and the soul of the business. She minds the books and keeps the CEO out of trouble.

She's been a concert pianist, a dramatic theater actress and is a computer & software technical genius.

Luke Porter.jpg

Luke Porter / Special Projects

Luke is new school to Rick's old school production skills and philosophy. He went into the family business in spite of his dad's encouragement.

He performs media magic in everything he touches.

He's produced more wedding and corporate work than people twice his age but you can't afford him.


Ray Kopcinski / Chicago


Contact Us

Rick Porter
CEO, Founder

About Speak at Your Own Funeral

History-based family company - started in 2008. Founder and CEO Rick Porter has been doing this for more than 30 years. The parent company is Visualegacy which in involved in producing various life story products to consumers, including "Visualegacy's", which are inexpensive one-hour video interviews of a person's life highlights. 

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Speak at Your Own Funeral, LLC
Salt Lake City / Provo
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