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We Come to You,
You Share Your Story

You schedule a time and place to film you at your home or location of choice. 

Think of this as a conversation between two friends. We'll send you the questions.

Prepare thoughts beforehand, or let us guide you with our tried-and-true interview techniques. Nothing you say is wrong. This is your message, your truth, your life. If you make mistakes or don't say it the way you intended - we'll give you plenty of retakes.

We'll collect more than enough content to produce a 5-10 minute video - as well as a longer, less-edited version for family and friends, usually longer than appropriate for the funeral. 

This extended version contains more details, stories, responses, humorous outtakes, and questions not edited into the final version. Both versions are delivered digitally and yours to do whatever you want with.

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The Quality

We come with professional, broadcast quality 4K video equipment, lighting (if needed), and great microphones.

It takes us just a few minutes to figure out where to set up. We want you to look good - sitting in a comfortable chair; maybe in front of a fireplace, or under a shade tree - with the background softly out-of-focus. 

Our mature, experienced, empathetic inter-viewer will guide you (or your family member) through a friendly conversation. Before you know it, the camera has disappeared and we're just talking - about what your family wants to know, what they need to know. Who you are, what you experienced, and advice you need to give them.


We'll capture the real you
- the authentic and sincere you


The whole process takes less than 60 minutes. 

It sounds like a lot to cover, but it works. It’s also the right length to be concise, interesting and watchable. Occasionally, we throw the formula out the window when because of health, age, or disability we can only get what we can only get. Sometimes, these turn out the best.

We haven't yet mentioned the best part.

Over time...the value of this record increases. Together, we will have planted a shade tree. One that will show its true value in years to come. It will bring memories, emotion, comfort, and blessings to your family. 

You've watch the examples. You've imagined what you might say. Now just do it. You will see that this was the best time and money you've ever spent.

Your Words. Your Story. 
Influence and change lives
even when you are gone.

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