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  • Why are you doing this?
    Because people are more important than products or services.​ Because we have a passion for and an appreciation of the value of individuals. Because history is what survives. Too many people go into the great beyond with no one ever benefitting from their life experiences, stories, and lessons learned. Because no one should die without leaving a note! Because everyone should be and can be remembered and learned from.
  • Couldn't we just do this ourselves?
    Yes! And we're happy to show you how. We don't mind sharing all our trade secrets to do a professional video interview. Why?Because these types of records need to be done and we can't get to everyone. The Real IssuesDo you have a professional grade video camera, microphones, lights, editing software, and the expertise to use them? Are you a great interviewer, with an effective plan to ask the best questions and know how to keep your subject on topic and not rambling? Have you done this a thousand times and know how to do it as well as a professional? Can you archive your final record for a very long time? It is simpler, quicker, often less expensive, and certainly better to just have us do it. But the number one reason people can but don't do it - Procrastination. Schedule us and cross it off your list.
  • How did you arrive at your pricing?
    If we could, we'd do this for free (occasionally, we do). But people value things when they come at a cost. Some have suggested we are underpriced - others, overpriced. Finding the right balance - trying to make a profit and offer this service to everyone is a challenge. Feel free to pay us more.
  • Where are these interviews available?
    Most of our current business is in Utah (Salt Lake City / Provo areas) but we have production capabilities in Chicago and continue to do interviews all over the country and in several countries around the world. We'd like to think this is just the start. We have a vision that this is something wanted and needed. We are hoping to expand to additional cities soon. Contact us if you'd like to become an affiliate. Have someone living far away? Set it up - travel and expenses would apply - or have them come and visit.
  • Visualegacy?
    Visualegacy is our original company. For more than a decade Visualegacy has been telling peoples' stories. Here we focus on the "Speak at Your Own Funeral" interview. At Visualegacy you'll find different kinds of interviews we do, such as: The 1-Hour Life Highlights Video (the original Visualegacy) The Mid-Life Visualegacy The Engaged Couple Interview Parenthood Interviews for pregnant mothers and adopting couples High School & College Grads Children Interviews Missionary Interviews (before or after they serve) - It's a Utah thing! And more... Basically, everyone has a story and we are there to record it. Our stories can be so profound, so life changing, so important - that it would be a shame not to get it recorded. Whether your story changed the world, or just your world, let's get it on the record. Visit
  • What are the three things we take with us after this life?
    Your Experiences. Your Personality (what you became from those experiences). Your Relationships (to your spouse, children, family, to God, to the world). That is why our interviews focus questions in those three areas. This is what makes us who we are - all different, unique, distinct - and valued. By the way, no one asked - but we thought it was a good way to share our philosophy.
  • Are you hiring?
    Absolutely! But only if you are as passionate as we are. There is a vision behind our passion - do you see it? If so - we are always looking for sales, marketing, and those we can train for positions in interviewing, shooting, & editing. We definitely want to talk to you if you are a senior. We can benefit from your lifetime of experience and empathy. We live in a world that values the elderly the least and yet they are the ones who know the most.
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