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In order to save us all a little time,

I've put much of what we are looking for here.

Who We Are

We launched "Speak at Your Own Funeral" or "SAYOF" for short, in mid July.

We previously operated "Visualegacy" for about 10 years and have done hundreds of video interviews under that banner - and still do.

But now we are scaling up and hope the SAYOF concept will take off. We are looking for individuals who see our vision. Perhaps, it is because this is also a part of your vision - to help others tell their stories, leave something behind and actually make a difference.

We (meaning me, Rick Porter LinkedIn and a few individuals over the years) started this as a way to"Leave the Note!" We don't believe anyone should die without leaving something behind - sharing their experiences, what they learned, who they became and their advice for those to follow. And now technology is such that these kinds of records can survive for as long as the power stays on.

What We are Trying to Do

We are creating something new here. Similar products / services don't really exist out there yet - not in the way we envision this. We're blazing new ground. Over a decade, we've developed tried and true templates to do this.
Everyone has a story - if not multiple stories - their life stories, engaged couples, parents, children, veterans, people who are dying. And these stories could be told, should be told.
It is a waste not to get them told.

We hope to capitalize on getting people's stories recorded. Inexpensively, and in a quality way. Can they do it themselves? Absolutely! Go to the website and see what we have to say about that. And even if they do, there's enough work for everyone including plenty of future competitors.

We hope to make this a"thing". As millennial's, baby boomers, generation X'ers become more and more fascinated with themselves (selfies, social media...) and the next big thing - we're there with a big idea (SAYOF) that has curiosity, interest and appeal written all over it. We expect to get some real traction with some media & press releases coming out soon.

We are in need of sales and marketing types as well as individuals who would be interested in becoming an interviewer / cameraperson. But not just anyone - people who see the vision of what we have here or could have here.

We hope to build an army of senior citizens to sell and interview their aging friends and neighbors. Imagine a MLM network without the MLM. Seniors, as you can imagine not only would be our targeted market but also are currently in need of part & full-time jobs. With the unemployment as it is and ageism an issue in the workplace - here's a great service and a great way to employ thousands. Again, the vision thing. It's also newsworthy.
Not that selling this is best done one-on-one - it isn't. It's best sold to the middle man - associations and organizations who have a steady stream of clientele. Organizations who regularly assist the terminally ill and Alzheimer's patients, funeral homes, estate planners, assisted living centers... And that's just the SAYOF service not to mention what we can do on the Visualegacy side.

First, look over the SAYOF site and maybe the Visualegacy site.

If you are serious, we are in need of people who have passion and enthusiasm for getting this up in a big way. Right now we are only able to pay people for their sales and connections. Commissions will be between $200 and $300 for a $1000 SAYOF interview. There is still some questions about changing the price back to $1500. San Diego is keeping that price for now for cost reasons.

Interviewers / camerapeople will get around $50-$120 an hour. As we scale up, we'll need a few office types. I might even be interested in partnering with the right person or two.

We currently have the website, FaceBook, Instagram and YouTube channels up. We also have business cards and brochures.

If you would like to be a part of this - send a resume, then call me - 801.400.3367

If it's a good fit - we'll have you sign a Non-Compete Agreement for a 2 year period and sign a W-9 form. Then we'll do either a SAYOF interview or Visualegacy on you or family member (no cost to you).
That's really the best way to sell this. Once you've been through the process, see some of the anxiety and concern of getting interviewed on camera - you'll be much more understanding of how to sell it and / or explain the process. You'll also see the quality and the value of it.
Again, this is something new. Not everyone understands the value until time passes, circumstances change, people die. Then, the true worth emerges. It was the best time and money spent.

We're literally planting fruit or shade trees. Over time the benefits will be seen. So in a few years we will have more and more stories of how we"Saved" lives, how we blessed families, how we comforted those who lost family members.

So...What are We looking for?
Next Steps?
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